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Human Performance & Development

The kind of thinking that created the problem cannot be used to solve the problem.

-Albert Einstein

"Getting Results in Human Performance"



& "The  Professor"

Founded in 2004,  Inpsycful is brain child of Jack Rogers, known as The Professor  to his students, clients, and friends alike.  With over two decades of experience in the field of psychology, 20 years as a University instructor, and years of experience as an administrator with for-profits and non-profits, The Professor has worked with Executives, Athletes, & others to improve their performance, helping them reach their goals, and find solutions to barriers that hold them back from realizing their potential.  

Leaders get results through being the model of action and thought, being the vanguard of the organization's future.  Met with challenges, the leader's response dictates the future of the organization.  The Professorprovides leaders with the support, development, and the behavioral acumen not often found within the organization to take things to the next level.

While athletes will often herald the importance of the mental edge, few know the critical mental components to  peak performance, even fewer include them in their daily routines.  From the playing field to the court, from the wrestling mat to the pool, for years The Professor has helped athletes find their unique "recipe" for success, personal improvement, and development, getting significant results in Human Performance and the development of key mental skills. 

Putting his advanced degrees in Psychology and Business to use, The Professor has worked with thousands of clients to developed a process using his client experiences and research-based principles in Psychology, Coaching, Human Development and Performance to aid people in developing a heightened awareness, reach their goals, and actualizing their talents and capabilities.

Active in the community for decades, The Professor  works with County and State politicians and decision-makers to create a healthy, conscious, and aware community.  

Inpsycful  is dedicated to the full development of the Individual and the realization of dreams and potential, creating positive results out of anxiety and frustration.  As individuals perform at their optimal levels, their new states of awareness lead to improved outcomes.  We are all better when we are conscious, aware individuals.

What would your life look like if you reached your potential?  Let's get started!


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Past Chair & member, County Board of Supervisors Health Service Advisory Board, 2000 to 2017

Chair & Founding Member, Business Healthcare Connection (San Diego County Board of Supervisors

representative), 2002 to 2016 (Chair: 2006-2016)

Past Area Chair & Current Member, UCLA Alumni Scholarship & Advisory State Committees – 1984 topresent)

Member, San Diegans for HealthCare Coverage, County Board of Supervisors’ Representative, 2006-present

Founding Member, Ramona Domestic Violence Task Force -3 yrs

Co-Chair & Founding Member, Ramona Intergenerational Community Campus (RICC), 1997 to present

Founding Member & Past Chair, Ramona Community Human Relations Council

Founding Member & Past Chair, Ramona/Julian Health Care Advisory Council

Member, Palomar Health Care Community Advisory Council, 1993-present

Past Chair & Founding member, Committee on Alcohol, Tobacco & other Drugs Palomar Pomerado Health

Member, Ramona Community Substance Abuse Committee -6 yrs

Member, Ramona School Attendance Review Board -13 yrs


California State Assembly Certificate of Appreciation, 2001

San Diego County Board of Supervisors, “Jack Rogers Day,” October 26, 2001

Palomar Pomerado Health, Community Hero Award, 2001

Consultant to Fox New6 on “Life Lessons” on teenage substance use/abuse, 2004 [Golden Mike Award]

Regular expert guest on “KOGO for Kids” Radio Show, with Jane Clifford, Family Editor for Union Tribune,

Part of Community Mental Health Crisis Response Team for shootings at Santana High & Granite Hills High

Wrote and developed treatment programs for 6 different treatment facilities in San Diego County which dealt with emotionally disturbed and poly-substance abusing youth

Researched, wrote, and developed weekly instructional program for national youth program


American Psychological Association

Association of Talent Development

Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Association for Transpersonal Psychology